Exercising Outside In Colder Than Normal Weather



Part of my weekend routine is to incorporate regular exercise. Since I live in Florida, I can usually rely on warm weather to complete this.  What happens though when my normal routine is interrupted by  51 degree weather?

This is what happens,  I usually try to talk myself into going outside.   According to some you burn more calories, that alone is a motivating factor for me.  It’s also been said that it increases endorphins which makes you happier. Hmm, let me think about that.

All of that sounds good but I think I will either wait for it to warm up or take my exercise routine inside today.  Afterall,  this is Florida where you may wake up to cold weather and decide to wear boots but by the afternoon it will be flip flop weather. 🙂  No wonder, it is so easy to catch a cold here. Florida life, I love it!

Seriously though, I would be interested in hearing what you do to keep u with your fitness routine in cold weather.


Until next time remember …….. All exercise counts no matter where you do it!


Vacation Planning

IMG_1962 (1).JPG


There I was, working diligently, when my phone rang.  The phone went to voicemail so I listened to the message.It was my cruise planner advising that he had information for cruise specials for the upcoming year.  My  mind instantly went into cruise mode  with a big ole smile on my face. Waking up to this view was mmmm mmmm good!

Everyone has their preference when it come to vacations.  My preferred vacation is a cruise because everything is pretty much included with your booking.  Drinks sold separately. 🙂 The sheer enjoyment of cruising to various destinations and exploring the ports and the cities excites me. The entertainment and activities on the ship keep you busy as well or if you prefer to curl up with your Kindle or eReader of choice you can do that too. Choices for dining are abundant as well!

Ok, time to get back to reality and make this money that will pay for my cruise.

Until next time…. Work hard but Play harder!

My Family’s Annual Closet Giveaway



It’s that time of the year where my daughters and I clean out our closets.  Each year I am amazed at the number of things that we’ve brought but never or rarely worn.  Many of the items we’ve forgotten that we brought them.  Every year I say that I will not purchase anything that we don’t plan on wearing and every year my daughters and I either place the new clothing in our closet rotation or give the items away.   The only reason that I am not hard on my daughters or myself is because eventually the items get worn or  we donate them  which is not a bad thing.

My charity of choice is Goodwill.  I like them because they do a lot for the community by employing individuals who might not be able to gain employment.  They also have apartment communities for the  elderly and individuals with disabilities. As well as substance abuse treatment programs and work release programs for offenders to acclimate them back into daily life.

The Goodwill location that I use is always packed with shoppers.  So while it is not a good thing to buy items that are never used  on the flip side of it I look at it as investing in a donation for worthwhile causes.  Donations are also tax deductible so at the end of the day, it’s all good.

I’m wondering, am I the only one who buys items and then ends up giving them away? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Until next time…….Remember donating to a greater good is always a good thing!



Live, Love, Laugh!




I had the pleasure of enjoying this view earlier this evening!  I sat there and savored the beauty of watching a beachside sunset. I sat there nestled between the palm trees enjoy a nice evening breeze. Ah, relaxation at its best!

I sat there are thought about how  life goes by so fast.  There are so many things that we take for granted or don’t really enjoy because we are too busy trying to get things done. We live in  a world where we want things done and we want it done now.  As we get older we learn to slow down and enjoy special moments. Things that at one time annoyed us just roll off our backs because we realize that in the big scheme of things, it’s not important.

The purpose of life is living! It seems simple enough but how often do we get caught up in things the prevent us from enjoying life.

Live  – Everyday that we wake up we get to experience another day of our journey.  Find something special to do everyday.  It can be something as simple taking a few minutes to reflect on what you have and being thankful for it.  You may not be where you want to be but a least you are one day closer to your goal.

Love –  We live in a world where there is always someone who needs to be loved. Purposely seek out someone  to show love to. Maybe it’s a compliment, a conversation, showing interest in something they like, or encouraging someone along the way.

Laugh – If your life is anything like mine, you have plenty of things that will make you or someone else laugh. I’m not referring to something that is rude or condescending but checkout your life sometimes you will find plenty of things to laugh about.

As you go through this week, take time to do a least one thing that you enjoy! You might be surprised at the power of some me time.

Until next time……  enjoy your life!



How Many Times Do You Wear An Outfit?


I was doing some work online and noticed a headline. The article was about a celebrity who had worn a particular outfit for a second time.   No disrespect to the authors of these type of articles, but each time I read a headline like this I often wonder why are people so fascinated about someone wearing an outfit for a second time? I’m sure they spend good money on their clothing, so why not wear it again.

In my opinion,  it makes the celebrity more relatable  when they wear an outfit again because it shows that they are like you and me in some ways. It also shows that they are not phased by the perception that they can’t be seen in the same thing twice.  Where did the fashion faux pas phenomenon come from anyway? What happens if you buy something that you  look good in?  You never wear it again because it is a fashion no no?

It is a standard that seems to be embraced by many but I say to each his or her own. I say Kudos to the people who do their own thing!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  How many times do you wear an outfit?

Until next time…..  Embrace who you are!









Fitness Routines


I don’t know about anyone else but I gained 5lbs over the past few weeks.  I can’t blame it on Thanksgiving, that was only one day.   I can blame it on the fact that I stopped my fitness routine 3 weeks before Thanksgiving and stopped counting my calories.

My fitness routine and  calorie counting routine is not intense. I exercise 2 times per week and stay under my calorie limit, that’s it.  My only goal was to maintain my  weight so I did not stress out if the scale didn’t show  a significant loss.  I’m happy with my curves, I just don’t want to add to them. 🙂

Now begins the process to restart my routine. Hopefully, I can lose those 5lbs as quickly as I gained them “)’

I’d love to hear what you do to shed a few pounds after the holidays!

Happy Holidays!






A 21-Day Habit Can Open Your Eyes To Something New


A few years ago I signed up on a particular social media platform.  After a few days, I said I don’t get this, I’m out!  As we all know, certain platforms are more popular than others. After a few months, I decided that I had to be doing something wrong or not totally understanding the concept so I signed up again with the intention of trying it for 21 days. If i didn’t understand it after 21 days, it was not for me.  Well, over 2 years later, I’m still there and enjoying every minute of it.  My initial problem was due to the fact that I didn’t try to understand how to use the platform. I just jumped right in and thought the system would magically show me how to use it.  After observing more senior users and  trial and error I found what worked best for me and  I have not looked back.

Why am I sharing this?  The same thing is applicable to  anything that you are new at. We all know that this is the time of the year that we all start thinking about our lists of things we are going to do for the New Year.  After a month of two that list might have a few things that we are still actively pursuing.  My approach to my list this year is going to be a little different.  There are some items that are going to stay on the list no matter what.  The other items are going to be put to the 21 day test. If there is no  improvement, interest, or a good reason to keep pursuing the goal, it is being removed from my list. While it is true that some things take time,  there is no need to waste time if you are not interested or you are not seeing improvement. Sometimes we give up too soon and at other times we hang on too long!

Thankfully, life is a process that gives us the opportunity figure out what works best for us.

Until next time …………………..enjoying life!



Athleisure – My Favorite Go To Clothing


There was a time when my go to item was a pair of well worn jeans. The more tattered and torn, the better the fit.  Not anymore. Athleisure wear is on the scene and making strides.  I mean strides that convert to dollars. Have you noticed how popular this style of clothing has gotten over the past few years? According to Morgan Stanley, by 2020 active wear will represent $83 billion in sales.  Now you know why?

I’m not sure who the genius was who thought of this, but in a world where people will pay hundreds of dollars for shoes….. why not create versatile, comfortable and reasonably priced clothing?  Count me in!

There are so many companies tapping into this market. Maybe I’ll do a little project in the future that involves comparing brands and how they cater to the plus size market? Stay tuned!

I would love to hear your thoughts on Athleisure.

Until next time..sending lots of love, peace and positive vibes!







Curvy and Seasoned


Welcome to my blog spot.  Isn’t it interesting that we live in a day and time when many people are trying to be something or someone else when the reality of the situation is that there is something liberating about embracing who you are.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love fashion, makeup, fitness and finding that accessory that will make my outfit standout from another. However, I’ve come to realize that as a curvaceous size 14 that a lot of today’s fashions were not made for my body type. Just because it looks good on the mannequin or that model does not mean it will look good on me!  A few years ago a frumpy fashion selection might have been my only option.  Thank goodness that is not the case today. Fashion is slowly but surely evolving.

The other side of coin is although fashion is evolving, t some people find great comfort in sharing opinions because they can hide behind a keyboard to fat shame, ridicule and tag others  to assist with  expressing erroneous and often hurtful opinions.

Enter curvyandseasoned’s mission.  As stated previously, I am a curvaceous size 14. The seasoned comes from my  weight journey. You see, my weight has always been on a roller coaster. I been a size 7 to a size 16, so I have some seasoning in weight game. 🙂

I’ll share stories from when I was small and wanted to be smaller (smh), the behaviors associated with my false perception of the “perfect size” and then coming to the realization that majority of the things that I was looking at was all a facade.

I’ll always have something to share whether it be recipes, fitness tips, fashion or whatever you want to talk about.  This  is a no judgment zone.  The only thing that I ask is to be respectful and open to the idea that everyone experiences their journey differently.

So let’s sit back, relax, share and embrace who we are!

I look forward to interacting with you!